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Band of the Week: Mirror Gaze

Who: Mirror Gaze

It’s only week two and already ‘Band of the Week’ has gone slightly awry. The plan had been to buy that tape, the one up there in the photo. To gripe a bit about how tapes were inexplicably becoming popular again, to grab the associated download then to give the tape away to anyone who has something to play it on.

However, the problem, actually the first of several problems, is that I was so dismissive of the whole tape thing I’d assumed they couldn’t possibly sell out – got that wrong. Gone, every last one!

Next, the name ‘Mirror Gaze’, great in theory, in practice you try googling mirror gaze. What you get is lots of people talking about staring at themselves in the mirror – honestly, try it, apparently it’s a thing. So, if you’re desperately trying to find information on a band of the same name, you’re out of luck. The album name ‘Watch’ doesn’t really help in this context! Not quite as bad as calling your band ‘video porn’ – but not much better (please don’t test that if you’re under 16)!

So here’s what we do know. I’m recommending a band I haven’t been able to find online, who’ve made one album I haven’t yet heard and has now been completely withdrawn from sale. It’s so withdrawn from sale when you click on the link that says ‘Email me when this tape is back in stock’ you get an error message – basically saying ‘there is no hope!’.

I understand this is now feeling like a ‘Band of the Week’ that has no band and no music!

To the rescue comes music-geek-nirvana in the shape of Soundcloud. (Would Nirvana have chosen the same name in the age of the web? – discuss)  There are these three tracks, the only three I’ve heard and the reason I’m recommending Mirror Gaze to you.

When: I came across them last month from on one of Norman Records excellent newsletters, if you’re not subscribed you should be.

What: I did have some success online. I found that Mirror Gaze are a duo consisting of Claire Bailey and Jim Knight. What I didn’t know before I started writing this is that Claire Bailey is an analog photographer and artist, you can see some of here work on her website.

Why: Mirror Gaze are an unexpected mix of psychedelic rock and pop vocal, although when you listen to the vocal it’s darker than you first imagine. I have to admit it’s Claire Bailey’s vocal that does it for me.

My favourite track is probably ‘You don’t know’, the first track above and also the first on the on the album. Having said that it’s the vocal that draws me in if you’re a fan of the bass guitar then you’re not going to be disappointed, Jim Knight knows what he’s doing. The guitar solo on the end of ‘Connection’ is masterful.

Where: Don’t ask me. I will update this if I hear more or if the tape is reissued. If you have more information about Mirror Gaze please get in touch. Happy listening.

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    • Hi Paul, I totally get the vinyl thing, my deck hasn’t been out of commission since I bought it sometime in the 90s. But tapes, I didn’t like them the first time around.