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Who: She Drew The Gun

She Drew The Gun used to be not a band but an individual in the shape of lead singer Louisa Roach. They describe their music as “dreamy lyrical psych-pop from the banks of the Mersey”, and that does fairly accurately sum it up. Roach’s voice is constantly reminding me of someone else, in that ‘it’s on the tip of your tongue’ way. That’s not to take anything away from it, far from it, I really enjoy the vocal and have often found myself drifting away when listening to it.

When: Louisa Roach started playing as She Drew The Gun in 2013, the band have gradually formed since. Now a four piece band featuring Sian Monaghan on drums, Jack Turner on Guitar and Jenni Kickhefer on keyboard.

What: ‘Memories of the Future’ their first album was released at the end of April 2016. The album is available in all the usual places, noticeably, though, not on their website. That just seems such a lost opportunity for a band, not to get a larger chunk of the revenue and collect their fans email addresses at the same time! I generally try to buy direct from the band if I can. Maybe I’m being naive to assume the band see more of the cash, I’ll try to find out of that’s actually the case.

“dreamy lyrical psych-pop from the banks of the Mersey”

The two tracks I’ve included from Soundcloud (below) are the first two on the album. ‘Since you were not mine’ has been on Soundcloud in, what sounds like, its final form for over a year. In spite of that fact, Memories of the Future feels very much like an album, more than a collection of 11 songs gathered together to make a band’s first album. The laid back vibe is equally at home first thing in the morning (I’m listening at 7.30m as I write this) or late in the evening.

Listen to the beautiful ‘Poem’ it reveals a welcome honest analysis of Britain in 2016. Whether you agree with the politics, or not, it can only be a good thing that we have artists prepared to stand up for what they believe in.

“And now the markets are demanding that we give away for free
everything that our grandparents fought for to some company
It’s called wealth creation, yeah, it’s more efficient you see
Well sorry I forgot the free market would set us free
I forgot to only think about I am and me
while brothers and sisters have nothing to eat
brothers and sisters, at home and overseas
So I can’t lie down and I won’t let it be
While we are working for a market that doesn’t work for we”

Why: I started listening in 2015 as a result, I think, of their being featured on the BBC introducing show from Maida Vale. SDTG have been alternating in my favours this week with the latest album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’ from Radiohead, so no small achievement.

Where: They have a number of UK dates lined up over the summer, you can see more here.

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